• vertical integration - effective co-operation with other Videoton sister companies (plastic, metal, logistics, R&D companies)
  • management of electromechanical & electronic assembly projects
  • own laboratory for process validation purpose in-house tester development (hardware/software)
  • component procurement / purchasing
  • complete industrialization with local/in house tool manufacturing
  • low volume - high complexity / high volume low complexity serial manufacturing
  • logistics services - consignment store management, JIT
  • prototype manufacturing

Creating precision electronics requires professional tools and instruments. We are always upgrading our processes and we are ready to add new technologies to our capabilities when the need arises.


SMD: reflow, gluing, AOI

22 SMD lines (Siemens, Fuji NXT II / III) with DEK paste apply and Vitronics reflow ovens, with inline 3D SPI and AOI

Through hole assembly / special insertions

Universal TH lines, Autosplice, SM Contact, Loupot, Tyco insertion machines 3 TH lines, 6 special insertion machines

Wave / Selective / Multiwave soldering with N

Ersa, EPM, Vitronics Soltec wave, multiwave and selective wave machines - 18 pcs

Semi automatic and automatic assembly lines

Videoton designed 11 dedicated final assembly lines

In circuit – function testing

  • TRI, Marconi, Ingun, HP testers for ICT
  • Own designed specific FCT with modular system
  • Combined testers also available

Conformal coating (selective varnishing)

  • PVA & Asymtek conformal coating machines
  • 5 complete varnishing lines
  • UV hardened or Acryl base materials